German finance minister blasts CSU's

'attacks against Merkel'

May 18th, 2016 in Finance by Adminimage 2

On the very same day as a significant conference in Berlin on renewable energy reform, Schuble criticized the Christian Social Union (CSU), the Bavaria-based sibling party of the CDU, for what he characterized as one-sided attacks on his party leader, the chancellor.

Seehofer,'" the finance minister stated on Tuesday in an interview with German broadcaster ZDF. "These are attacks against Merkel."

In the interview, Schuble criticized the way in which the CSU was targeting Merkel and her party. "There is absolutely nothing comparable from the CDU towards the CSU, neither toward the party as an entire nor towards people," he said of the CSU's "attacks.".

Schuble's remarks referred to the continuous dispute in between the 2 allies, whose ties have been frayed by Merkel's handling of the unusually high varieties of refugees that have arrived in Germany from the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. Seehofer turned into one of the chancellor's more vocal critics, certainly amongst her supposed fans, as concerns installed that Merkel's policies had driven conservative voters into the hands of anti-migrant populist celebration Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Schuble blasts CSU bullying.

On Saturday, German weekly "Der Spiegel" quoted a senior CSU figure, Markus S der, as saying the party might consider a more independent project in the upcoming 2017 federal elections. "We wish to enter into the election project with her [Merkel], together. But she's not making it simple for us at the moment," S der told Spiegel.

The CDU and CSU have something comparable to a mutual support and non-aggression pact for basic elections; the CSU projects in Bavaria only, supporting the CDU nationwide, while the CDU guides clear of all Bavarian ballots. The CSU has actually repeatedly alerted, as S der did again with Spiegel, that no reliable political party can be allowed to coalesce to the right of the CDU/CSU alliance.

In a likely sign of the growing crisis within the union, Merkel and Seehofer held a 30-minute talk in private on the sidelines of the energy meeting in Berlin on Tuesday. It had not been clear just what the 2 leaders discussed.

This expected clear-the-air conversation preceded Wednesday's set up meeting in between all 3 celebration leaders within the "grand union" federal government - likewise integrating Social Democrat leader Sigmar Gabriel.